"I had the pleasure of attending Federal Employment Training Center Seminar Training in June.   Mr.M.L. Washington provided me with a set of tools and resume examples that proved to be invaluable in my search for a position.  Immediately after adopting his guidelines for his Paper Federal Resume, I got two interviews.  One was with a major University looking for a Contract Specialist and one was with a major Financial Institution looking for a Business Analyst.  Had it not been for the detailed information he provided in his Study Guide, which I read and studied thoroughly and his informative lecture in his Government Seminar Training, it is unlikely that I would be working as a Business Analyst today.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Washington and highly endorse his workshop as an effective method of gaining skills to find employment in the government and private sectors". 
By E. James Willrich
Well, not only did I get the job for which I submitted  for then; GS-09 Functional Area Manager with DOD in Massachusetts (Westover ARB), but, I now have new GS-11 position with the U.S. Department of Labor, as the Region VI Training Officer, here in Dallas!  It was miraculous to say the least.  I took the tools that you gave me and landed my very first government job as a GS-09 and then, one year later I was able to secure a GS-11 back in Texas.  You told us in that class that we might have to move in order to get the job that we wanted.  I had to move out of my comfort zone for one year and three days, but boy was it worth it!!!
Thank you so much for being a beacon of light for those of us that desire MORE!
Remain blessed,
Mr. Washington,
     I am a Master's educated professional with a long history of successful  resume writing resulting in countless interviews over the years.  My expertise has won me positions in various industries with very little difficulty.  While these statements may sound like I am bragging on myself,  they actually serve to brag on you and the services you provide through your "Resume Shop."   My years of expertise and education meant very little when it came to applying for Federal Job Openings.  After years of trying and wondering why I never heard anything at all, I found your class.  Within moments of your opening statements it became clear that my problem was I didn't know the "rules of engagement."   After learning how to "play the game" from a qualified coach and applying this new game plan I began finally receiving responses from the positions to which I applied.  Granted, not all of them were positive, but the fact that responded at all let me know I was finally doing it right.  Among the lessons I earned from your course, other than how to write a proper federal resume, was the length of time often involved in ultimately landing many of the posted positions.  However, after a season of applying, testing, and interviewing, I'm proud to announce that I am set to begin a new career in Government Service thanks almost entirely to your expertise and guidance.  Thank you for your help and allowing me to recommend your course to ANYONE seeking federal employment.
 Kind Regards,
 Jason Tarbet
"I've been applying for a Federal job for a long time but had not been successful. The training THE FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT TRAINING CENTER provides is the biggest bang for the buck you will EVER come across.  Success is a journey not a destination and THE FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT TRAINING CENTER literally guided and escorted you on that journey. I was offered and accepted a position from the first federal agency for which I applied. Thank you!"
Tiffany Anderson
Mr. Washington, I wanted to let you know that the interview I went to in Washington D. C. was very productive. I was hired (GS-13) by the Army Material Command and will be going to Red River Army Depot for six month course at the Army Logistic Leadership Center and after the center I don't know where the Army will be sending me from there. Thank you!"
Shauna C. Stokes
"Dear Mr. Washington: I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted for a Claims Examiner position with a federal agency.   The Manager and Director were very impressed with the resume you prepared for me. Thank you again for such excellent work and world class customer service!
Mercedes G.
I was introduced to Mr. Washington and his Federal Resume/Job Preparation via a career networking group. Being a part of his seminar was the best workshop I had participated in since I lost my job.  Upon completion and submission of my first ever government job application it was accepted and recommended to the hiring manager for consideration. To some this may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was great news. That was due to the resources I received from Mr. Washington. I am sure it is just a matter of time before I am hired from one of many applications.
Mr.. Washington is professional, caring and knowledgeable, and the service he provides is one that I would highly recommend.

Ernestine Milo